WHO Workshop: Building Better Before (Tunis, Tunisia, 20 February – 23 February 2023)

WHO Workshop: Building Better Before (Tunis, Tunisia, 20 February – 23 February 2023)

Building Better Before: Scaling up capacity for mental health and psychosocial support preparedness WHO Capacity-Building Workshop & Technical Support Tunis, Tunisia, 20 February – 23 February 2023

What is this workshop?

In 2021, the IASC released the ‘Technical Note Linking Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS): Practical Tools, Approaches and Case Studies’. Since this time, the IASC Reference Group for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (IASC MHPSS RG), through working group collaboration led by WHO, CBM and multiple humanitarian agencies, developed a training package to operationalize the technical note and scale up MHPSS preparedness. These materials have been field tested in multiple settings and contexts and provide practical tools and steps to better integrating MHPSS in emergency preparedness actions.

What will be covered?

The workshop will first focus on implementation of the training package developed and field tested by the IASC MHPS RG focused on MHPSS preparedness (specific modules below). The package has been developed for national actors in disaster risk management, preparedness and response, MHPSS technical working groups, and other preparedness and response actors. The anticipated outcome of the training is the development of skills to better integrate MHPSS in emergency response and preparedness plans and strategies. Following this training course, participants will engage in an MHPSS preparedness simulation exercise to text capacities developed during the training. The exercise will focus on developing multisectoral preparedness for real-world hazards and will simulate response actions and coordination across actors through live interjections and case developments as the scenario unfolds.

Module 1        Reach towards consensus
Introduction; common understanding of key concepts and terminologies, and theoretical underpinnings;
Module 2        Evaluate risks
Disaster Risks and MHPSS needs;
Module 3        Act to prepare
Enhancing disaster preparedness for effective response, and to “Build Back Better” MHPSS in recovery,
rehabilitation and reconstruction;
Module 4        Devote resources
Advocacy towards strengthening MHPSS preparedness within wider preparedness efforts and
mobilisation of resources (including financial resources);
Module 5         Your community
Investing in community preparedness and resilience and how MHPSS could be integrated.

 Who should attend?
This workshop is for MHPSS actors and preparedness or disaster risk management actors who work in
humanitarian emergency risk management, preparedness, response and recovery. This may include
– MHPSS practitioners active in cross-cutting / cross-sectoral roles;
– Actors working in health, education, protection and other sectors who wish to better integrate
MHPSS in their work on preparedness;
– Practitioners that play an active role in disaster risk management and/or emergency
preparedness within their organizations.
Organizations will be asked to identify participants who are best suited to operationalize the MHPSS
preparedness approaches covered during the workshop and to commit to actively working to integrate
MHPSS within their preparedness activities following the workshop.

When and where is the meeting?

This MHPSS Capacity Building workshop will be offered over a 4-day period from 20th February to 23 rd February in Tunis, Tunisia. Participants will be expected to participate in-person. Organizations will be invited to delegate both an MHPSS participant and a preparedness or disaster risk management participant. WHO will aim to support the attendance of at least one representative per organization invited. Following the workshop, organizations will be provided with ongoing technical support during a six-month period as they work to scale up their own MHPSS preparedness planning activities.

How can I sign up to participate?
Fill out the brief application form here.
Deadline for applications: 16 November 2022.
Please direct any questions to Dr Brandon Gray (grayb@who.int) and Dr Fahmy Hanna (hannaf@who.int).

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