Webinar Series: Mental Health & COVID-19

Webinar Series: Mental Health & COVID-19

Webinar Series: Mental Health & COVID-19

The Lancet Psychiatry, Mental Health Innovation Network, MHPSS.net and United for Global Mental Health are launching a series of weekly webinars designed to provide policy makers and the wider health community with the latest evidence on the impact of COVID-19 on mental health and how to address it.

The webinars will provide practical solutions to the challenging issues we are all grappling with. Participants will be encouraged to join from around the world, including those with lived experience of mental health and of COVID-19. The format will be short remarks by up to 4 panellists followed by a Q&A chaired by Niall Boyce, Editor of The Lancet Psychiatry.

Questions can be submitted in advance by email. 

The sessions will be recorded and a short note for the record produced.


Weekly on Tuesdays at 09:00 EST; 14:00 BST; 15:00 CET; 15:00 SAST; 18:30 IST. The series will last as long as there is demand. Each session will last 45 minutes.

How to get involved?

Sign up to the seminar series via this link. Any questions please contact: COVID19seminars@unitedgmh.org.

Organisations involved: 

The Lancet Psychiatry, Mental Health Innovation Network, MHPSS.net and United for Global Mental Health. Plus, a host of other partners and individuals who are promoting the series and will be joining in the discussions.

Upcoming Topics Include:

April 14 – Mental Health & COVID-19, Supporting the Mental Health of Frontline Health Workers: What Are Organisations Doing Already? What More Needs to Be Done?

Speakers will include Aiysha Malik of WHO, the Red Cross, government agencies and front line workers on what needs to happen next. 

April 21 – Mental Health & COVID-19 Research: What Research Do We Need Now? What Should We Measure for The Longer Term?

Speakers will include Mark van Ommeren of WHO, decision makers outlining the research answers they need immediately and mental health researchers explaining what science can tell us now and in the future.

April 28 – Mental Health & COVID-19 Funding: What Funding Is Available? How Do We Maximise Return on Investment Now And For The Future.

Speakers will include UN agencies, bilateral donors and national governments, on what funding exists and how to maximise its impact.

 May 5 – Mental Health & COVID-19 Best Practice Public Health Information Campaigns: What Is Working and Why?

Speakers will include Alison Brunier of WHO, public health information experts, government agencies and civil society organisations on the front line of engaging communities and individuals. 

May 12 – Mental Health & COVID-19 Beyond Face to Face: Digital and Other Ways to Provide Mental Health Service Delivery and Support.

Speakers will include Ken Carswell of WHO, experts on the latest in digital mental health service delivery and those working in LMICs and other low resource environments using TV, radio and community networks. 

 May 19 – Mental Health & COVID-19 Particularly Vulnerable Groups: Providing for People in Institutions, the Elderly, Children and Youth.

Speakers will include Chiara Servilli and Katrin Seehar of WHO, UNICEF and other experts in support for these different groups and the policy makers balancing competing needs in a time of crisis.

May 26 – Mental Health & COVID-19 in Conflict Situations: Preparation, Implementation and Recovery.

Speakers will include Fahmy Hanna of WHO, UN agencies and CSOs responders, and people with lived experience of mental ill health on the frontline. 

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