Upcoming PS Centre Training events

Upcoming PS Centre Training events

The PS Centre is opening their fall trainings up to people (fees vary for each training) from outside the Red Cross Red Crescent.
Trainings include:
September 23 – September 26

Cette formation fournira aux participants les outils nécessaires afin de pouvoir offrir à temps des premiers secours psychologiques (PSP) à ceux qui récemment viennent de vivre un évènement stressant ou qui font face à une situation de crise ou d’adversité.

La formation s’appuiera sur de nouveaux outils que vient de développer le Centre de Référence en Soutien Psychosocial de la Fédération internationale des Sociétés de la Croix-Rouge et du Croissant-Rouge. La formation sera exclusivement en Francais et aura lieu à Tunis

October 14 – October 17

The PSSiE training is for those working in or deployed to emergency settings whether from the Red Cross Red Crescent or other organizations. The training methodology is based on problem-based learning using practical exercises such as role plays, case studies and field exercises. The training prepares participants for psychosocial work during emergencies while at the same time being mentored and supervised by the facilitators.

November 13 – November 16

This training will prepare humanitarian organization staff who work with local volunteers in their own communities, and work in both emergency and non-emergency settings to facilitate psychological first aid sessions to various target groups. The material used in the training will be the new PFA material developed by the IFRC PS Centre. The training will cover both basic knowledge on PFA and facilitation skills as well as training methodologies.

November 19 – November 21

The training provides the knowledge and tools necessary for participants to carry out assessments, develop and adapt indicators and monitor psychosocial interventions. There will be special focus on practicing the use of the monitoring and evaluation framework and tools developed by the PS Centre.

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