Strengthening Mental Health at the core of Peacebuilding and Development Webinar

Strengthening Mental Health at the core of Peacebuilding and Development Webinar
“Strengthening Mental Health at the core of Peacebuilding and Development” is an online panel discussion IAHV is organizing during a global virtual conference on “Changing Paradigms in a Pandemic World”  on 7 April 2021 from 1:00 to 6:00 pm CEST.
The session will unpack the lessons from the pandemic and underline the importance of mental health and psychosocial support in peace building, sustainable development and humanitarian assistance. Speakers will present a tried and tested blue print for individual and societal resilience and look back on best practices, stories and lessons learned, involving war survivors, prisoners, students, refugees and frontline workers. Together the speakers will outline a holistic approach to development that goes beyond economic parameters and incorporates personal and societal happiness alongside mental well-being.
The panel is part of a larger global conference and will follow on the main panel with the Director-General of WHO, the Founder of WFEB, IAHV and Art of Living, and political representatives of various countries.
Confirmed speakers at the conference include experts from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNDP Crisis Bureau, IOM, UCLA and the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation in South Africa. (Please see details below.)  Youth Peace Ambassadors from Lebanon will also share their lived experience of personal transformation and peacebuilding in their vulnerable communities.

Click here to register for the conference and upon registration indicate your panel choice.

For more information about the session please see the flyer below:


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