Strengthening Humanitarian Staff Support – Integrated Psychosocial Training Modules for Managers

Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 10th – Monday 19th September, 2011

This integrated program of workshops has been specifically designed for managers working within humanitarian aid and development organisations. The intensive and integrated program will provide participants with a forum to further develop their psychosocial knowledge, skills, strategy as well as organisational policies for systematically supporting humanitarian and development staff.

Participants will consider contextually and culturally relevant psychosocial risk and stress management principles that can be applied to support their teams and systematised into organisational policies and practices.

The core program consists of five days of interactive workshops incorporating principles and facets of organisational staff care policies; approaches and tools for managing psychosocial risk; principles of psychosocial first aid; skills in assignment briefing, monitoring and reviewing strategies; and approaches for working with intercultural teams.

The training is complemented by an optional opportunity for participants to partake in an additional twenty hours of coaching and mentoring sessions, giving participants the opportunity to apply their learning to their own organisational contexts and to gain feedback and support from Mandala Foundation trainers in further honing their skills and knowledge base.

Program (Click here to download)

Day & Date

Workshop Title
Preliminary Day: Saturday 10th September, 2011

Psychosocial Staff Support Issues within Local Contexts (Capacity Development Support Option)

Day 1: Monday 12th September, 2011

W1: Systematising Stress Management into Policy & Practice

Day 2: Tuesday 13th September, 2011

W2: Managing Psychosocial Risk Across the Assignment Cycle – A Tool for Managers

Day 3: Wednesday 14th September, 2011

W5: Psychosocial First Aid (PsFA) Skills

Day 4: Thursday 15th September, 2011

W6: Psychosocial Approaches to Briefing, Monitoring & Post-Assignment Reviewing/Debriefing

Day 5: Friday 16th September, 2011

W21: Effective Management of Cross Cultural Teams

Post Workshop Day: Monday 19th September, 2011
Capacity Development Training – Psychosocial Staff Support (Capacity Development Support Option)

Workshop Participation and Costs

Participants may register for the core 5-day program OR one or more individual training days (Days 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) OR the full 5 days plus the capacity development option
Option 1: 5 Day Program – AUD $1250 + GST
5 day integrated core training program (Days 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5)
Option 2: Daily Registration Only: AUD $280 + GST per day
1 day workshop only (Select from Days 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5)
Option 3: Capacity Development Support Option – AUD $1750 + GST
5 day integrated core training program (Days 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5)
2 day capacity development support training (Prelim and Post training days)
Daily facilitated coaching sessions

Further information about the program is available by clicking here or emailing

Information for international visitors

For further information on venue, accommodation, transport and tourist links click here.


To register, please download and complete the registration form below and return it by fax or post.
Registrations close on Friday, 2nd September, 2011.

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