Speaking the Unspeakable An Intervention Journal webinar on suicide prevention and response

Join Intervention for a webinar on suicide prevention and response. Using the articles recently published in the special section on suicide prevention and response in the September issue as a starting point, the webinar aims to provide a space for dialogue, sharing
experiences and mutual learning.


Together with panelists and attendees, we hope to encourage those present in trusting that action is possible in this very challenging aspect of MHPSS.

Four authors will open a dialogue together on this topic. The webinar also features a special message from Dr Lakshmi Vijayakumar, a psychiatrist with extensive knowledge and experience in suicide prevention and response.

Four authors with articles in the Intervention special section on suicide prevention and response will make up the panel:

Parbati Shrestha
Shrestha, P., Lama, S. M. T., & Nepal, R. (2021). An Initiative in Suicide Prevention: Best Practices, Challenges and Lessons Learnt from Nepal. Intervention, 19(2), 249-254

Hatem Marzouk
Marzouk, H. A. (2021). International Organization for Migration Iraq Mental and Psychosocial Support Programme Suicide Prevention Activities. Intervention, 19(2), 255- 260

Gail Theisen-Womersley
Theisen-Womersley, G. (2021). Suicide Prevention and Response Among Refugees: Personal Reflections on Self-Care for Frontline Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Workers. Intervention, 19(2), 261-265.

Ariel Zarate
Fischer, L., Zarate, A., Mozumder, K., Elshazly, M., & Rosenbaum, S. (2021). Barriers, Attitudes, Confidence and Knowledge of Mental Health and Psychosocial Humanitarian Staff in Cox’s Bazar


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