Zambia Rsch: Intervention Exposure

Preliminary results of a study conducted in partnership between REPSSI, the Swiss Academy for Development (SAD) and ChildFund Zambia are now available.
Since 2008, 960 children aged between 10 and 18, in a rural area of Kafue, Zambia, participated in five rounds of a very comprehensive survey. The survey was designed to asses the effects of a programme to provide both livelihood support to poor households and psychosocial support to children.
These briefs provide information around the challenges facing young people living in communities ravaged by HIV, AIDS, and poverty. In particular they highlight the challenges faced by young people living with chronically ill caregivers – a group that can be sometimes ignored as we focus on those who are orphaned.
This research brief examines the programme difficulties of retaining young people in a programme over a long period of time.

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