Working with Children and their environment: Manual of Psychosocial Skills

Published by: Terre des Hommes- Child Relief, 2011

This manual for practical training contains 18 modules divided into two parts according to four fields of skills. Part1for a ‘psychosocial approach’ deals with Managing oneself, one\'s relationships with others, and in groups and contains Modules 3.1 to 3.9 which are directed to the people who want to improve their personal and social skills. Part 2 for ‘psychosocial intervention’ deals with Managing activities and games and contains modules 3.10 to 3.18 which are aimed more specifically at those in charge of activities with groups of children and who want to improve their methodological and technical skills. Details of the contents of each module can be found in Chapter 3. at the beginning of part I and 2. Each training module explains basic theory, provides practical exercises for work in small groups with games and creative activities. Theory and practice Resource Sheets are available to be handed out. Each module contains a drawing illustrating the main theme, and a four-point summarization.

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