Working With Adolescent Girl GBV Survivors On The Move Facilitator's Training Manual

The Guide and this Training Manual are designed for service providers in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) working with adolescent girls on the move who experience or are at risk of gender- based violence (GBV), with a particular focus on contexts of Venezuelan migration. The Guide complements existing guidance and resources and aims to strengthen GBV care and support
in the region by addressing context-specific concerns.
This resource aims to support frontline service providers in:
• Understanding the diverse experiences of adolescent girls, the risks of GBV they face, and barriers to getting assistance while on the move
• Ensuring effective communication with adolescent girls on the move
• Working with adolescent girls to reduce the GBV risks they face while on the move
• Adapting quality care and support for GBV survivors to adolescent girls in all their diversity and respond to the risks and barriers to assistance they face while on the move
• Understanding and using existing resources (tools, guidance and training materials) to support these aims

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