USB materials for participants – Child Friendly Spaces Tools

This folder contains;
1. A Practical Guide to Developing Child Friendly Spaces UNICEF
2. CCF Starting up child centered spaces in emergencies
3. CFS_PSS_ Activity book-2011
4. Child Friendly Spaces Guidelines for Field Testing
5. Children in Emergencies Manual by World Vision
6. SC Handbook-Child Friendly Spaces in Emergencies
7. Draft of Inter-Agency Toolkit for Implementing and Strengthening Child Friendly Spaces in Emergencies

These materials are given to the participants as part of a training package to be delivered to child workers and NGOs with no experience running a child safe space, enabling them to establish a quality program in an emergency setting. Participants learn the theory behind CFSs, how to set up and run them, and what kind of resources are needed to support the psychosocial wellbeing and protection of children in emergencies.

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