This study highlights the worrying situation of the thousands of unaccompanied or separated children (UASC), many in need of international protection, who enter Mexico undetected and unprotected, using routes and means invisible to the people and organizations that offer social and legal services, as well as to Mexican authorities. This trend is perhaps more evident in U.S. government statistics, which show an extraordinary increase in the number of children who have arrived at the Southern border of the United States in the last year. At the end of the U.S. fiscal year on September 30, 2014, for instance, 51,705 UASC from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras had been detected. Uprooted is based on a mixed research methodology, involving group discussions with 200 UASC and, individual interviews with 72 UASC at detention centers (Estaciones Migratorias) in Mexico City and Tapachula, Chiapas, as well as shelters in the latter, from October to December 2013. Some children who participated for this study were selected by UNHCR, while others were referred by Mexican authorities.

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