UNICEF CB MHPSS Operational Guidelines | Orientation Package

This orientation package is supplementary to the UNICEF operational guidelines on community based MHPSS in humanitarian settings, and has been developed to support its users in their design and/or implementation of activities that support children, adolescents, caregivers and communities. The package includes materials that lay out steps for applying these guidelines to a user’s specific context and setting , and provides:  An introduction to the operational guidelines, describes theory and concepts based on which the guidelines were developed, in addition to sections that cover access to the compendium’s resources through a group on http://MHPSS.net,  monitoring and evaluation, guidance on adapting resources, an overview of community engagement and participation, and an application section that ties all of these components together, by using activities to assist users in navigating through sections of the guidelines to support them in their programming for children and families.

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