Towards Effective Child Friendly Space Programmes in Emergencies: Handout Booklet

•Included in this manual of participants’ hand-outs are all the hand-outs the facilitator will need to give to participants during the course of the Child Friendly Spaces training.
•These are materials that do not necessarily serve as resources participants would use or refer to in the future, but rather are scenarios, and materials participants will need to be able to carry out certain activities.
•Different activities need different numbers of copies of the hand-outs, the facilitator’s guide explains the number of copies of each document needed.

This is a Part of a training package to be delivered to child workers and NGOs with no experience running a child safe space, enabling them to establish a quality program in an emergency setting. Participants learn the theory behind CFSs, how to set up and run them, and what kind of resources are needed to support the psychosocial wellbeing and protection of children in emergencies.

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