Toolbox: Monitoring and evaluation framework for psychosocial support interventions

Education for staff and volunteers with information on the impact of conflict on youth, and training for providing psychosocial support to vulnerable youth. Six modules cover the following topics: principles of psychosocial support; youth and youth psychosocial support programs post-conflict settings; facilitation techniques; communication; self-care of for facilitators and volunteers; planning a training that will address the specific needs of the local youth and community.

The toolbox contains guidance and tools (sample templates) for data collection in M&E of PS programmes. The tools can be adapted to your PS programme, depending upon your target group, activities and scope. These are tools that may be useful for your programme and many are drawn from existing PS programme M&E tools, but they are not an exhaustive list. You may find inspiration from the toolbox in creating your own tools, or you may want to find local tools used in different programmes and/or develop additional tools relevant to your specific situation.

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