The tiger is our guest: Helping children to grow up in time of war and afterwards.

This report explicates the ways in which CARE’s psychosocial approach in Kosovo and the Northern Caucasus represent examples of best practice. CARE Austria embarked on programs around the globe, some taking place in the midst of war and conflict, others in the immediate post-conflict situation, aimed at utilizing its rights-based, community empowerment approach, to help communities help families to support the (psychosocial) development of their children. The report provides extensive theoretical background as a basis to understand the benefits of the practices these programs embody; recommends ways in which such programmes can be extended and made more comprehensive, allowing even deeper roots in the community and applicable to other problems around the world; and provides resources for the assessment, design, monitoring, and evaluation of such programs during and after emergencies, for adaptation to local conditions in any part of the world.

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