The Operational Guide to the Integrated Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Standards (IDDRS)

The United Nations (UN) integrated disarmament, demobilization and reinte­gration standards (IDDRS) provide direction and guidance to those engaged in preparing, implementing and supporting disarmament, demobilization and re­ integration (DDR) programmes. Although the IDDRS were developed for DDR programmes taking place in peacekeeping contexts, most direction and guid­ ance are also applicable to DDR programmes taking place in non­peacekeeping contexts.

The IDDRS bring together knowledge, lessons and good practice on a wide range of issues from concepts, policies and strategies to programme planning, design, management, and monitoring and evaluation. As well as outlining the basics of each phase of DDR, the IDDRS offer detailed guidance on key issues, such as information and sensitization,

As the IDDRS can sometimes be long and complex, this Operational Guide (OG) is intended to help users find their way through the IDDRS document by briefly explaining the key guidance contained in each IDDRS module. A CD­ROM con­taining the full version of the IDDRS can be found on the inside back cover of this Operational Guide.

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