The Jinn That Haunts Mental Illness

The Jinn That Haunts Mental Illness

The present article reviews the clinical practice in psychiatry with respect to the prevalence of supernatural attribution of mental pathology, as well as discussing the possible ways of communication with patients and relatives who wonder about the natural and supernatural paradigms of understanding mental illness. The article aims at providing general guidance on how to answer these questions in a didactic manner that can be used without reference to the psychiatrist's personal beliefs.

MEDLINE search was done using the terms 'demonic possession', and 'faith healer'. Other non-MEDLINE indexed were searched, in addition to personal discussions with experts to probe for views about responding to questions about demonic possession

MEDLINE search resulted in this yielded 56 study, culturally appropriate studies were included in the study. Experts opinion were subdivided into four major categories that were included in the study.

The belief in supernatural causation of mental illness seems to be a preponderant one. Collaboration with faith healers is possible and positive at times, There is more than one way to respond to inquiries about jinn possession, without the need self-disclosure on the side of the psychiatrist or conflicting with patients' beliefs.

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