The intersections between genderbased political, social and domestic violence – a regional exchange on psychosocial practices of supporting refugee and host community women affected by violence

The current situation in the region of Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Lebanon is marked by the increasing fragmentation of societies along ethnic and religious lines, by violence, conflict and open war in Syria and parts of Iraq. Millions of people throughout the region have been exposed to war and violence and/or forced to leave their homes, and live scattered throughout the region as internally displaced people or cross-border refugees in camps and provisional shelters. In this escalated context, women are exposed to various forms of war- and conflict-related violence, displacement and humanitarian disaster, entangled with specific experiences of conflict-related gender-based violence (as for example in the case of Yezidi women in Iraq, who were enslaved by ISIS). In addition, women are exposed to social, domestic and family violence inherent in the affected societies, which is as currently increasing against the background of militarization processes and uncertainty and precarious life conditions in IDP/refugee camps and host communities.

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