The Impact of the Eritrean-Ethiopian Border Conflict on the Children of Eritrea; the role of protective factors

Westerveld-Sassen, L. (2005). The impact of the Eritrean-Ethiopian border conflict on the children in Eritrea; the role of protective factors.Intervention, 3(1), 25-30

This article describes a study on the impact of war on Eritrean children living in an internally displaced persons camp in the Gash Barka region. It is based on a psychosocial needs assessment conducted within the framework of a psychosocial project by the Dutch non-governmental organisation (NGO) ‘War Child’. Key research questions used included; the nature of the traumatic experiences of the children, the prevalence of psychosocial problems, and the need for therapeutic intervention. Methods included; the analysis of previously conducted studies in Eritrea, open interviews and focus group discussions with key informants, and systematic observation of war-affected children. Findings suggest that powerful factors protected children from the impact of the war, and thus prevented the occurrence of severe post traumatic stress reactions.

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