The Adolescent Kit for Expression and Innovation

This resource kit is a detailed package of guidance, tools, and activities to support adolescents aged 10-18, especially those who are affected by humanitarian crises. It aims to bring about positive change in adolescents’ lives through arts and innovation. The activities offer adolescents the chance to express themselves, experiment, solve real problems, and explore new ideas. In the process, they develop key competencies and new skills that help them to cope with stressful circumstances, build healthy relationships, and engage positively with their communities.

The resource kit draws from good programmatic approaches in psychosocial support, life skills education, child protection, social cohesion and peacebuilding. It can be used by anyone involved in managing programmes or working directly with adolescents in humanitarian and vulnerable development contexts, including staff across different sectors, teachers, Child Friendly Space facilitators, youth facilitators and community volunteers. All or part of the Kit can be integrated into programmes for adolescents in areas such as child protection, education and youth development.

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