Supporting Nepal to Build Back Better: Key Achievements in UNDP’s Earthquake Response

Two devastating earthquakes hit Nepal in April and May of
2015. The death toll climbed to over 8,700 while more than
22,000 people were injured. Out of 75 districts in Nepal, 33
were affected by the earthquakes, 14 of which were heavily
damaged. In the hardest hit districts, as much as 95 percent
of the structures were destroyed. Some 3 million people were
displaced and hundreds of thousands of livelihoods are lost or

UNDP, a long-standing partner of Nepal, has been at the fore
of the earthquake early recovery and response. From co-leading
the Early Recovery Cluster and facilitating the Post-disaster Needs
Assessment, to engaging in emergency employment in debris
clearance, UNDP has, and continues, to assist the Government of
Nepal to recover from the disaster and build Nepal back better.

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