STRESS IN THE FIELD Practical guidelines for dealing with ongoing stress and shocking events in the field

This booklet describes, first, the meaning of ongoing stress in the field: how it affects you and your team and what can you do to improve the way you cope with stress. Secondly, this booklet outlines the psychological impact of a shocking event, and provides some guidelines on how to deal with the aftereffects of a shocking event. Stress is a normal and natural phenomenon. The way each of us reacts to stress is, of course, determined by various factors. Personality, cultural background, previous history, and situational factors such health or finances all determine our “style” of coping with stress. You need to learn to recognize your own idiosyncratic ways of responding to stress. An understanding of how stress affects you physically, mentally and emotionally will help you take an active approach to stress and deal with the stress in your life more effectively. 2001, 24 páginas.

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