Street Work and COVID-19

Developed by StreetInvest with input from Regional Coordinating Partners, Street Work partners and Global Trainers from across the Global Alliance for Street Work. As at 30/03/2020 – We recognise that this is a fluid situation that is evolving rapidly and will work to update this guidance whenever it is required.
Making trustworthy adults accessible to street-connected children is more important now than ever. Street Work is essential for many children and young people on the street who otherwise have no one to turn to. It is clearly vital that Street Workers and Street Work organisations carefully balance the need to prioritise public health and compliance with local regulations with that to provide essential support to children and young people who are further isolated and at risk as a result of the pandemic.
Lockdowns are increasing across the world and we are monitoring the extent to which Street Work can take place. StreetInvest considers Street Work to be an essential support service and that Street Workers must have permission to continue working as far as is safely possible, in order to reach children who rely on the street to survive. See the following page for advocacy messaging regarding making this demand of authorities in your area.

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