Sri Lanka Mental Health Summary – VSO International

Program Description by VSO International:

People with mental health problems are one of the most marginalized groups in Sri Lanka.
In 2004, at a VSOSL stakeholder workshop, three main issues were identified which contribute to the marginalisation of people with mental health problems:
(a) Social discrimination – people with mental health problems are frequently ostracised from society due to ignorance, myths, false beliefs and lack of awareness of their rights.
(b) Inadequate access to mental health services, resulting in lack of treatment and rehabilitation – mental health services which exist are concentrated in urban areas with little or no services in rural areas, and specialised services for the elderly and children are extremely limited
(c) Economic barriers – families of people with mental health problems are often poor and are not provided with welfare benefits to address their psychosocial needs.

Underpinning all of the above causes is Sri Lanka’s out-dated mental health legislation, which is over 100 years old.

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