South Sudan: Response for Sudan Crisis Situation Report No. 7 (As of 14 August 2023)

This update is produced by OCHA South Sudan in collaboration with humanitarian partners. It covers the period from 28 July to 14 August.


▪ The hospitals/health facilities in Renk have limited resources and are struggling with the existing caseload of returnees.
Any sharp increase in the number of returnees would upset arrangements currently in place. This is of concern given the spike in measles cases imported from Sudan.

▪ Comparing the Renk-Malakal onward transportation assistance (OTA) against Joda border new arrivals, the ideal goal of outflows outpacing arrivals remains a top priority.

▪ The food security outcomes will likely deteriorate for returnees and host communities as they face significant food consumption gaps, and resort to negative coping mechanisms. Additional resources are critical to ensure humanitarian partners provide at least a minimum level of assistance upon arrival, during transit and in places of final settlement.

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