South Sudan: Response for Sudan Crisis Situation Report No. 6 (As of 27 July 2023)

This report is compiled by OCHA South Sudan on behalf of the Inter-Agency actors of the Emergency Response to the Sudan Crisis and the Humanitarian Country Team. The information reflected covers the period from 20 – 27 July. The next report will be published in two weeks.


• As of 27 July 2023, 195,242 individuals from 44,659 households were recorded as arriving in South Sudan since the beginning of the crisis. The number of arrivals is projected to increase as the conflict in Sudan continues.

• Transportation reduced from Joda crossing to Renk transit centre due to lack of funding.

• An increase in malnourishment rates among women and children was identified.

• On 26 July 2023, the humanitarian community in South Sudan called for urgent funding of US$26.4 million to ensure continued support for onward transportation.

195K Number of people arrived at Points of Entry as of 27 July 2023 (6% increase from the week prior)

22K Refugees and asylum-seekers have sought asylum in South Sudan

112K People moved from points of entry as of 23 July 2023

1 IN 5 households of returnees and refugees arrived at the border with at least one protection vulnerability

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