South Sudan Emergency Situation Report 2015

The world’s newest country faces classic conflicts
The fighting raging in South Sudan over the last few months has had dire humanitarian consequences. The agreements between the parties to the conflict have still not been applied and the situation remains highly unstable, especially in thenorth of the country. Access to aid is improving, but remains complicated and depends on the day-to-day security situation and the rainy season, which complicate matters further.
Handicap International has set up Disability and Vulnerability Focal Points (DVFP) in camps in Juba, and Aerial County(around Mingkaman, where people fleeing the city of Bor have taken shelter). Flying teams are in place to support humanitarian organizations requesting technical and material support to improve the inclusion of person with disabilities in their activities. Missions to Nimble, Yambio, Maban, Lankien and Yida have been organized, and new missions are expected in Bor town, Pibor County and Malakal camp. Handicap International also has rehabilitation and inclusion projects in neighboring countries (Kenya and Ethiopia) where around 205,900 Sudanese refugees have gathered.

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