Situation and Needs Assessments Toolkit

The toolkit is written for health actors. However, some of the appendices may also be of interest to non-health actors.

The toolkit is based on the IASC Guidelines action sheet 2.1 and the draft mental health standard of Sphere 2010. It is very much a draft toolkit, and we are still revising it. We had planned to initiate peer review next month and to make many changes in the future.
Given the suffering in Haiti and the calls for collaboration on needs assessment, we want to share these draft tools now already even though they are very much draft. With the hope of collaboration and learning, please feel free to use them (and of course share with everybody the findings). Please note that the introduction of the toolkit has text on OCHA\'s framework for needs assessment, which gives useful guidance on how to modify the depth of the assessment depending on the phase of the assessment. If you read the toolkit careful, then you will find that it is important to only use the tools that you need rather than to use them all

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