“Sharing skills and experiences…” Good practices in mental health

This book aims to capture the learning of the project partners through a participatory process.
The contents of this book (complemented by a documentary video) have tried to summarise the work of VSO\'s mental health programme in Sri Lanka over the last 15 years. The information outlined on these pages aims to support their efforts working with partner organisations implementing a rights-based approach to mental health service development for Sri Lankan people around the island.
Information for this book comes from the staff and volunteers working at the VSO mental health partners, mental health service users, the Sri Lanka Ministry of Health and the donors of this project. Project reports, volunteer reports and publications were also used in collecting information.
The book and video will be useful for partners, practitioners and policymakers working in the field of mental health in Sri Lanka, VSO International in implementing a rights-based approach to development and the general public.
We acknowledge that we were unable to document all the detailed activities of VSO\'s working relationships. However, what the reader can glimpse in the following sections of this book are the highlights and the impact of VSO\'s work. This information is captured in photographs, quotations and written text.

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