Sharing Leadership: NGO co-leadership of Child Protection Coordination Groups at Country Level: Guidance and tools

This guidance on NGO co-leadership of child protection coordination groups at country level was developed by Plan International and the Child Protection AoR to guide child protection coordinators and NGOs that engage in humanitarian coordination. This publication is built on a desk review, a survey of NGO co-leads and key informant interviews with coordinators, NGO co-leads, and members of child protection coordination groups in several countries.

This guidance aims to offer senior management of NGOs and Cluster Lead Agencies (CLAs), as well as coordinators of child protection coordination groups, information, advice, and examples to help them decide whether and how to enter a co-leadership, or how to improve their existing arrangement. Reports and evaluations all point to the positive benefits of co-leadership for a better response. The professional and transparent sharing of leadership among different actors is indeed a reflection of the interdependency of the child protection in emergencies community to deliver an effective strategic response.

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