The Safe Schools Program – Module 2: Teacher Wellbeing

This Module will cover the key concepts and the relationship between teacher and student well-being, brain science around stress, and practical ways to shape how teachers respond to stress.
There is 1 Workshop in this Module. The workshop is 5.5 – 6 hours long. If it cannot be delivered in one day it may be separated into 2 workshops (i.e., workshop 1 – intro to session 3, workshop 2 – session 4 & 5). It is recommended that the workshops be conducted with not more than 1 week between them, although should be planned based on the availability of teachers around their teaching commitments. It is recommended that each Workshop is followed by Self-directed Activities and Peer Learning Circles, as detailed in the Table below.
The activities and content in this Module are based on: Save the Children’s Learning & Well- Being in Emergencies, Positive Discipline and Child-Friendly Classroom Management, the Parenting without Violence Common Approach, and the pending Enabling Teachers Common Approach.

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