[Rohingya Language] Managing Stress During COVID-19 – Audio file

[Audio version] The Applied Mental Health Research Group (AMHR) at Johns Hopkins University in collaboration with The Refugee Response and Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska have released the first video in a four-part series on managing stress during COVID-19. It is currently available in 18 languages with translation to over 30 languages in process. The link to the YouTube playlist is below. Attached is an audio-only version in Rohynga language that will be used for low resource settings to be played over loudspeakers and radio.

Full Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOZioxrIwCv0OQHKgJWFWMwFjz2f9AmpK

For further inquiries, please contact Matthew Schojan: mschoja1@jhu.edu

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