Reintegration of Soldiers: The Missing Piece

Mogapi, N. (2004). Reintegration of soldiers: The missing piece. Intervention, 2(3), 221-225.

This paper is based on findings from a support group that was run at the Trauma Clinic in the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) in Johannesburg, South Africa. It offered an intensive vocational training course with psychosocial interventions over a period of three months. The psychosocial interventions included a two-hour weekly psycho-education programme and a two-hour weekly support group intervention. This paper discusses the consequences of not offering these interventions to ex-combatants. It also points out that the main themes from the support groups suggest that most of the sufferings that ex-combatants experience are due to the lack of psychological interventions offered to them, their families and communities, rather than living with the war memories.
Finally, suggestions are made on how to address
this problem.

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