Reconciliation in the Aftermath of Violent Conflict in Rwanda

Richters, J. M., Dekker, C., & Jonge, K. D. (2005). 'Reconciliation in the aftermath of violent conflict in Rwanda'. Intervention. 3(3), 203-221. Chicago

Reconciliation in the aftermath of the history of violent conflict in Rwanda is approached as part of a set of deeply interrelated issues, such as individual and social suffering, justice, remembering and forgetting, truth-telling, accountability, forgiveness,
trauma therapy, socio-therapy, human rights, and development. The article is based on literature study, conversations with people of all walks of life in Rwanda, and six years of research experience in this country of one of the authors. A major challenge
addressed is if, and to what extent, internationally oriented concepts and programs and cultural specific approaches in the field of reconciliation are in conflict with each other or whether they have the potential to reinforce each other.

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