Psychosocial Support for Youth in Post-Conflict Situations: A trainer's handbook

Psychosocial Support for Youth in Post-Conflict Situations: A trainer’s handbook is a joint initiative of the Reference Centre for Psychosocial Support of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (the PS Centre) and Danish Red Cross Youth. It uniquely combines a training programme in community-based psychosocial support for youth in post-conflict situations together with modules on facilitating training. The materials have been designed to develop staff and volunteers’ skills, either as a basic training in psychosocial support or as a training of trainers in psychosocial support.

Six modules cover the following topics: principles of psychosocial support; youth and youth psychosocial support programs post-conflict settings; facilitation techniques; communication; self-care of for facilitators and volunteers; planning a training that will address the specific needs of the local youth and community.

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