Psychosocial Support and Social and Emotional Learning for Children and Youth in Emergency Settings (INEE Background Paper)

The purpose of the paper is to clarify relevant terminologies and approaches relating to psychosocial well-being and social and emotional learning (SEL) in education in crisis-affected contexts, and to explore how psychosocial support (PSS) and social and emotional learning relate to one another.


In addition to an overview of the concepts of PSS and SEL, the paper includes various considerations for training, supervision, and well-being as well as tips and guidance on adopting a gender perspective on the implementation of PSS and SEL programming. The paper also includes an overview of the impact of conflict and natural disasters on children’s well-being and the related risk factors and impact of toxic stress on brain development. The target audiences for this paper are education practitioners, academics, and policy-makers working in education in emergencies and protracted crises and the various sections include references to the specific entry points for each.

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