Psychological Interventions: some key issues facing practitioners

Strang, A. B., & Ager, A. (2003). Psychosocial interventions: some key issues facing practitioners. Intervention, 1(3), 2-12.

The ever-growing range of approaches to psychosocial intervention in areas of armed conflict reflects a wide diversity in underlying perspective. Practitioners are faced with questions of effectiveness and appropriateness of interventions. The author presents a conceptual framework formulated by the Psychosocial Working Group that offers a way of understanding psychosocial well being, that embraces the breadth of the field. This framework is used to explore the assessment of the impact of events, by directing attention towards both the depletion and accretion of human, social and cultural resources as a result of armed conflict. Issues of effective, appropriate and ethical interventions are discussed in relation to the fundamental importance of facilitation of community engagement.

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