Psychological intervention guide: Intervening in the context of infectious disease outbreaks

This guide contains 9 modules, some of which must be completed over several sessions. The module 1 presents psychological first aid, which is very useful in an epidemic situation and helps to meet people's immediate psychological and social needs during an epidemic. The second module offers the possibility of extensively assessing the needs of the people being cared for and several possibilities for mental health professionals. In the appendices, a set of assessment tools allows users to evaluate the mental health problems most frequently observed during epidemics of infectious diseases. The next 6 modules address psychotherapy techniques and assisted resilience. The last module addresses self-care because working during an epidemic situation comes with its share of anxiety for mental health professionals themselves and it was essential to take this into account to address their own well-being. If necessary, these modules can be repeated and adapted. For each module, we offer several possibilities to users, depending on the age of the patients and the clients, the difficulties presented, the social supports available, and their particular needs. It is a guide rooted in the work of mental health professionals during epidemics of infectious diseases.

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