Psychological First Aid Guide (Nepali)

Guide for Psychological First Aid – in Nepali (2010)

Using IFRC, National Center for PTSD, & National Center for Child Traumatic Stress manuals on PFA as references, a 3 day workshop was conducted involving MHPSS practitioners for leading local NGOs in Nepal. The discussions, conclusions and recommendations on how the PFA content could be made appropriate for the Nepali context was recorded by TPO Nepal. This was then given out to all participants for comments and feedback before the guide was finalized.

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    THX alot for this manual , but i have problem with language of this book after i download it ,. i found vague language , if u can send me a copy of this book by email .

    with my regard

  2. Nepal earthquake victims & survivors
    need emergency psychosocial care and support
    to protect their Psychosocial Disabilities.

    Therapeutic Theater session can help the victim and survivors of Nepal earthquake to rebuild confidence level and dill with their emotional difficulties with trauma management.

    I think at this moment for the victim and survivors of Nepal earthquake also need this kind of psychosocial care and support as psychological relief.

    So you and your organization can organize first aid psychosocial care camp or therapeutic assistance program for the victims and survivors of earthquake effected community of Nepal in humanitarian perspective.

    As well as you and your organization can develop psychosocial care giver volunteers to give long trams assistance for effected community.

    You or your organization need to apple to GoB of your country, development agencies & INGO’s who are instantiated to work in Nepal to support to conducting therapeutic theater sessions with victims & survivors of earthquake to protect their psychosocial disabilities.

    For details use: and visit

    UTSA is the pioneer organization in Bangladesh on Therapeutic theater as development approach. Through this process UTSA increased communication skill, interpersonal and personal thoughts, beliefs, conflict of different interest groups, emotional and trauma management.

    We are the first organization in Bangladesh who is initiated activities to reduce cultural conflict of Bihari and Bangladeshi using this approach and successfully running the activities.

    It is mentionable our team successfully responded at natural disaster as well man-made disasters to rebuild the victim and survivors confidence level and dill with their emotional difficulties and trauma management.

    As well we also refer our initiatives natural disaster SIDR & AILA effected people and after men made disaster Mirsorai Tragedy.

    Our recent response to Rana Plaza is a significant part of our work.

    Pls. see the bellows link to know more about UTSA’s relevant interventions at Savar:

    To know more about UTSA’s relevant interventions at Mirsorai visit bellows links:

    Nepal earthquake victims & survivors needed long trams emergency psychosocial care and support to recovering their emotional difficulties and develop their management capacity of Phobia & Anxiety, PTSD ect.

    If most vulnerable victims & survivors of Nepal earthquake did not get long trams counseling and psychotherapy support they will be transforming to psychosocial disabilities.

    So we hope government of Nepal and respected organizations will consider emergency psychosocial care and support program with this effected community to protect their Psychosocial Disabilities as humanitarian aid.

    But there are no mentionable plan and intervention for psychosocial care and support program with this effected community.

    Take lead to do something to organize and continue psychosocial care and support program for Nepal earthquake victims & survivors ASAP..

    Sincerely yours,

    Mostafa Kamal Jatra,
    Executive Director,
    Unite Theatre for Social Action (UTSA)
    2111, Tahera Bhaban,
    Akbar Shah Bazar Road, West Pahartoli,
    Khulshi, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
    Cell: +8801819-514564

  3. Greetings.
    My name is Priti Thapa. Reaching Nepal Earthquake Relief regarding “AWB’s team in Nepal working for the Post-Traumatic stress recovery and relief ”.
    Carroll Dunham and I are the Liaison for AWB-Nepal
    We have a group of eight Nepali acupuncturist We have been organizing Community-style acupuncture in-group to relieve stress and trauma, which promotes hope, calm, determination and resiliency. acupuncture clinics in various villages around Kathmandu- Harisidhi, Khokana and Dhading and Sindhupalchok too.
    Please feel free to share our contact to whoever needs our assistance.
    Contact info :
    Priti Thapa, Liaison for AWB-Nepal, 4438883 (O), 9841673843 (M)
    Dr. Shyam Maharjan, President of Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Acupressure Association of Nepal, 9841 338 262 (M)
    For more info please check:
    • Community-style acupuncture in-group settings to relieve stress and trauma, which promotes hope, calm, determination and resiliency.
    • Treatment of all who have been affected – survivors, first responders, emergency personnel and other care providers.
    • Training and services to Nepal communities that promote and sustain local, self-directed, self-sufficient recovery, rebuilding and trauma resolution.
    • Training to acupuncturists and other health care providers so that they can initiate their own local relief and recovery efforts. Alliances with local, community-based organizations.
    • AWB initiates field programs under its own auspices, and also supports locally initiated efforts by acupuncturists.
    In addition to domestic and global disaster recovery work, AWB conducts a World Healing Exchange Program, which promotes community empowerment and proactive trauma reduction globally. We plan to organize a World Healing Exchange Program in Nepal in October 2015.
    Field Clinic Introduction
    • Group acupuncture –used around the world – it’s an ancient practice that is 5,000 years old.
    • Acupuncture works on the energy systems in the body by opening blocks
    • Many aspects of the body, mind and spirit are treated with this protocol.
    • 45-minute treatment.
    • All practitioners are licensed or certified to do this treatment.
    • This is a simple treatment of 5 needles in each ear that helps:
    o Reduce stress and anxiety;
    o Uplift depressive feelings;
    o Help with trouble sleeping;
    o Provide a general sense of well being and make you feel better.
    Use ear seed or needle (All needles are pre-packaged and sterile and are disposed of after use.)
    Priti Thapa

  4. I am interested in responding to Nepal to assist with training and direct MH, psychological first aid, and psychosocial services. If you know of any teams or group wanting Disaster Mental Health assistance please respond.

    Thank you,
    Dr. Nancy Miller, PsyD

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