“Practices in West Africa to care for children and adults with behavioral, psychological and mental disorders”.

This review aims giving a first glimpse (per country) of what is being done in West Africa and to bring out local/innovative practices in mental health care. This study was written by Hanim Edoo, requested and supervised by Maria Bray and Sabine Rakotomalala ( Thematic advisors in Terre des hommes) in the frame of an intership that Hanim did within our organisation in August and september 2012.
Hanim Edoo, graduated in Psychology , is actually doing a master in Social Intervention and Project Development ( and has a research background in cross-cultural psychology) annd also since september 2012, she has been finalising this review, that found itself to be more challenging that we originally thought (because of few information on local practices especially).
I take the opportunity once again through this message to adress my sinceres thanks to Hanim Edoo for her dedication in this work.
We would appreciate any feedback or comments on the review.

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