OCHA Somalia Situation Report no. 13, 7-13 September

· With the recent addition of a sixth area in famine, the number of people facing famine conditions and the risk of death in Somalia has increased from 350,000 to 750,000 people.
· Disease outbreaks continue to be a challenge in south central Somalia. Despite interventions, there will likely be an increase in malnutrition and mortality statistics in the next two months in part due to
the increased risk of disease that will come with the onset of the Dehr rains.
· Nearly one million Somalis now live as refugees in the four neighbouring countries and one third of Somalis are currently displaced.
· The current famine in Somalia continues to attract huge regional and international interests prompting the delivery of bilateral humanitarian assistance by donor governments outside of the established coordination system. Efforts are underway to capture the full extent of assistance being provided on the ground.

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