OCHA sit rep No: 11 on Horn of Africa drought (dated 25 August 2011)

I. Highlights/key priorities
• Despite massive efforts by humanitarian agencies to continue to scale up the response to the Horn of Africa drought crisis, the situation continues to deteriorate.
• Preliminary results of the national Long Rains Assessment released on 25 August indicate that the beneficiary caseload for Kenya has increased from 2.4 million to 3.75 million people in the last seven months.
• More than $350 million has been pledged at the AU Pledging Conference on the Horn of Africa.
• The Government of Kenya will host a Summit on Ending Drought Emergencies in the Horn of Africa region on 8-9 September in Nairobi.
• UN OCHA strongly encourages all donors and humanitarian actors to carry out their activities in coordination with existing structures on the ground. Cash rather than in-kind contributions is also

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