OCHA Horn of Africa Situation Report no. 14, September 15th 2011

OCHA Sit Rep no. 14, Horn of Africa September 15th
· The number of beneficiaries reached in southern Somalia has increased in the last two months.
· The number of arrivals to the Dollo Ado refugee camps is slowing down, but mortality and malnutrition rates amongst the arrival population remain alarming.
· The volatile security situation in Sudan’s Blue Nile State and deteriorating situation in Somalia continue to drive Sudanese and Somali refugees into Ethiopia.
· On 8 and 9 September, Kenya hosted a regional summit titled “Ending Drought Emergencies: A Commitment to Sustainable Development”, in an effort to bring to the fore root issues of underdevelopment and climate change that have increased vulnerability to drought. The well attended summit endorsed the ‘Nairobi Strategy’ which aims to support pastoralism and strengthen early warning systems.

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