National Disaster Response Plan

The National Disaster Response Plan of the Philippines was published in June2014 and has three chapters. Chapter one discusses the objectives, perspectives and pre-requisite for the plan. It presents the legal basis of the plan and the need for such a plan pursuant to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan. Chapter Two is about the Structure and Activities of the NDRP. This chapter discusses the format used in the presentation of the plan, the different activities within the plan and how the user can utilize and improve it. It presented the three disaster phases (pre-disaster,during disaster and post disaster) that guided the identification of the specific roles and responsibilities of each agency under each response cluster.

The last chapter is about the Operability of the NDRP. This chapter presents the operations protocols of all the response clusters and discusses the difference between the Incident Command System with that of the Cluster approach espoused by the plan. The chapter also discusses the role of the NDRRMC and the Operations Center in relation to the Response Clusters‟ response operations.

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