Mourning for a loved one when you cannot attend funeral services

Losing a loved one is always a painful experience. Many people who lose a person they love describe their emotions as too painful and complex to describe with words. Healing from loss is a process that takes time. For healing to start, we need a moment of closure. One of the functions of a funeral service is to provide this moment.
For human beings, it is important to say goodbye to start the long road to readjusting and recovery.
However, in exceptional situations people will not be able to attend a funeral or similar service. In that case, there is often not a concrete moment in which they can start the walk on that long road of recovery. The lack of a concrete start will greatly complicate the healing process for both you and your children. We present you here some options that will help you to create a moment of closure despite not being able to attend a funeral. Next, we will also provide you with ideas how you can have remembering services for the deceased person. Such moments are of particular importance to children.

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