Migration Trends in Libya: Changing Dynamics and Protection Challenges

In October 2016, UNHCR commissioned IMPACT Initiatives and Altai Consulting to conduct research on mixed migration patterns in Libya, with a particular focus on the south of the country and on communities of concern to UNHCR.
The objectives were twofold: 1) to track the evolution of mixed migration trends and routes to and within Libya; 2) to map out refugee and migrant concentrations in southern Libya, and to determine their vulnerabilities and protection needs.
This report’s findings are based on qualitative data collected between October and December 2016 in Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Italy, Niger, Chad and Italy. In Libya, the research team conducted 72 interviews with key informants1 and 140 with refugees and migrants in eight hotspots in the south of the country and in the capital Tripoli. Another 74 interviews were conducted with key informants, refugees and migrants in Algeria, Niger, Chad and Italy.

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