Mental_health_of_refugees_and_displaced_persons_in Syria and surrounding countries

Systematic review of literature on mental health and psychosocial support contexts for Iraqi refugees in Syria and Syrian IDPs and refugees.
Iraqi refugees started to arrive at Syria on 2006 as a consequence of the Iraqi war reaching up to 750,000 refugees which put a strain on already under resourced mental health sector.
By 2011, Syria changed from being the third largest refugees hosting country to the largest refugees producing country with about 4 millions of internally displaced Syrians and progressively growing number of Syrian refugees in the neighboring countries.
This systematic review indicated high levels of psychosocial distress and anticipated increase in people identified with mental disorders , which reflects the high need to culturally appropriate mental health care,psychosocial and community based support.

One thought on “Mental_health_of_refugees_and_displaced_persons_in Syria and surrounding countries”

  1. This systematic review investigated huge number of studies and grey literature (more than 7000 studies and documents) about the Iraqi refugees in Syria and Syrian IDPs and refugees in the neighboring countries, despite that huge number , more research is needed especially about Syrian IDPs …

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