Mental health training of primary health care workers: case reports from Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Jordan

Intervention, 9(2),125-136

In Sri Lanka, mental health care trainings of primary health care workers were conducted in two administrative areas called districts, both hit hard in the 2004 Tsunami natural disaster, which killed about 40,000 people in Sri Lanka, speci¢cally the district of Kalmunai in the north-east of the country, with a population of 401,534 (Deputy Provincial Directorate of Health Services (DPDHS) Kalmunai, 2003), and the district of Hambantota in the South, with the estimated population of 525,370 people (World Health Organization, 2005). Only two physicians, with the title of Medical Officers of Mental Health, provided mental health care services, in both the Kalmunai and Hambantota districts in Sri Lanka. They were basically general practitioners with three-month additional postgraduate mental health training. Both districts had only visiting psychiatrists, who used to perform psychiatric consultations in the districts, once or twice a month. The district general hospitals had no separate wards and/or departments to treat mental health patients.

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