Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Indicators V.1.1

The Mental Health and Psycho Social (MHPSS) indicators are designed to monitor the accessibility to and quality of the available MHPSS services provided by MHPSS non-governmental and humanitarian actors.
The main purposes of these indicators are:
– To monitor the access of persons with mental disorders to doctors trained on Mental Health Gap Action Program (mhGAP), psychologists and psychiatrists
– To monitor the trend of mental health diagnosis
– To follow-up on specific vulnerable groups and decrease risk of relapses and suicide
– To empower the persons with mental disorders and their caregivers
– To increase reporting of persons benefiting from psychosocial activities through reporting on some Child Protection (CP) indicators related to PSS activities
– To increase the number of staff trained on evidence based mental health interventions
– To increase the number of staff benefiting from staff care activities

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