Managing stress in humanitarian workers-Guidelines for Good Practice_French_2012

The Antares Guidelines were originally developed by the Antares Foundation in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a response to the many requests for information, ideas and strategies for developing a stress management program for humanitarian workers which we receive on an ongoing basis.

The second edition of the Guidelines was the result of several years of working with an international specialist working group, coordinated by the Antares Foundation. The initial principles were developed in 2003 by a core working group. A research working group coordinated by Antares contributed valuable comments during the following years from their experiences. Participants of Antares conferences have also contributed and feedback from national and international field managers was gathered during a series of international meetings. The Third edition was finlized in 2012. Not only did we get a lot of suggestions from different persons and organisations, but also the research results from the longitunial study and national staff studies have been incorperated in this version.

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